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5 Easy Ways to Pimp Your 'About Us' Page

Chances are, your "About Us" page sucks. One of the most overlooked pages, it can also be one of the most powerful if optimized properly. Squeeze more juice from your online marketing efforts with these 5 easy steps.

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Your “About Us” page is as sexy as going lingerie shopping with grandpa. Hang on to that thought and channel your disgust into revamping it. Nothing personal. We’re all guilty of spending the least amount of time on one of the most important pages. I wish it wasn’t the second most trafficked on my site! Check your analytics. If strangers are giving up the love, you better return it by rewriting your story.

Why do most “About Us” pages fail? Fear. We fear the righteous judgment of strangers. If I mention my industry awards, maybe they’ll think I’m a pompous braggart. Mom always said humility should never be confused with humidity...probably not her exact quote, but neither are effective online marketing strategies. However, there is a way to pull off humility with heat. After all, people want to hear about you, so don’t disappoint.

Recipe for a Spicy “About Us” Page

1. Tell Your Story. Yes, you have one. Every business started with a late night, hair-brained idea. Tell yours! People crave stories. They’re the connective glue in a cold cyberspace. We buy from people we trust, relate to and like. Simply explain what it means to you to help others solve their problems.

You’ll get more bang from a well-crafted, personal story than a boring list of Degrees Earned. The quickest way to convert a browser into a buyer is with honest connection. Keep it light, but make it real. Think first date witty banter. You want a second date, right?

2. Polish Your Trophies. Horns were made for blowing. They’re loud and command attention. If you’ve racked up awards and accolades, honk ‘em loud. Online, they may be the ONLY thing that differentiates you from your competitor. You think I’m going to go all schoolgirl shy on the fact I’ve nabbed 3 Emmy Awards? Only if I’m tired of working. Find creative ways to showcase your achievements. Always include photos or graphics. If you’re too shy to say it, show it.

3. Ditch the Stiff Pictures. Nothing sets the tone for the “About Us” page like your photos. Just as important as your revealing story are your personality-infused pictures. Stuffy, buttoned up, conservative poses have their place (booking photos of Wall Street scoundrels), but not if your company is trying to portray ingenuity, innovation or creativity. Think of your brand’s image. Your photos should match.

4. Text Bores, Video Sells. If you only incorporate one tip, add video. Nothing pumps up your “About Us” page more than a short video. Use online video to develop instant rapport with future customers. People expect to see video on your site. Make sure you don’t miss out on this marketing opportunity.

Turn your story into an engaging video to help humanize the company. Don’t stress over production value. As long as you’re real, you’ll appeal. No need to hammer viewers with a call to action, either. Look into the lens and connect with me. Make me laugh and you’ve just made a customer...until you make me cry.

5. Exciting SEO Stuff. Since your spending soooo much time on your new and improved “Love Us” page, don’t skimp on the SEO (Search Engine Optimization). After all, you want to be found and loved, right? Optimize your page with relevant keywords, not just in the text, but in the titles and ALT tags of photos and graphics. Remember: write for humans NOT robots. Don’t stuff the page with keywords, just sprinkle them in for flavor.

Bottom Line: Online or off, the responsibility for self promotion lies with only one person. What part of “About Us” is confusing? This is your time to shine. There’s no better place to flaunt it if you got it.

People wouldn’t flock to this page if they weren’t interested. Engage them with humor, fun anecdotes or a heartfelt story. Just remember to keep it real. There’s nothing worse than synthesized horns (cue the Casio keyboard). Now, go blow yours!

If you're looking to really impress with your online marketing video, we'd love to help! We been producing marketing videos for over 15 years. I'm sure we can cook something up that will dazzle your audience. Give us a call to discuss the possibilities.

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