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Go Gaga With Your Online Marketing

Lady Gaga is part marketing genius, part scary chick you'd find hiding in your bushes after a break up. Let's focus on the marketing part. She's got what your online marketing strategy needs!

lady gaga online marketing tipsLove or hate The Gaga, The Lady is a mad marketing freak. Nobody understands the dynamics of social media marketing better than Lady Gaga. Every public act is strategically calculated to reap the most digital bang. If marketing is about creating buzz, she is the Queen Bee. Ready to spill digital ink, the world awaits her next move. Isn’t it time to get in touch with your inner Gaga?

I’m not suggesting you show up to the Chamber Mixer in a suit made of live hamsters or doing your next marketing video from inside a giant Easter egg. I am, however, issuing a mandate for you to bust out of your comfortable marketing shell.

Hatch these Gaga-esque techniques to infuse your online marketing campaigns with new energy and interest. Dare to market differently. Dump the clichés. Banish the boilerplate copy. Find and amplify your unique voice. And do so BOLDLY!

1. Dump the Clichés

Gala-ready gowns are a staple of red carpet affairs. Weaved into the fabric of Hollywood tradition is the dress hungry diva. Tradition = trite. The only way to stand out in a sea of silicone filled gowns is NOT to wear one. Gaga gets this. In a sea of millions of websites, your success depends on breaking free from the herd. Herds don’t move the social media needle. 

Rethink every marketing message. Chances are you’ve got at least one “cutting edge”, “think outside the box” or “synergy” infused cliché. Kill ‘em. Keeping them only screams homogenized mediocrity. Challenge yourself to see everything from a new point of view.

Ditch words for 15 minutes and draw pictures of every aspect of your value proposition. Re-frame your message and you'll evoke fresh language to convey a uniquely, original message. After all, you are your message. Don’t settle for cookie cutter. Unless, of course, you’re making a suit out of gingerbread men. Gaga would be proud!

2. Find a Gimmick

Meat dresses, human size eggs and hermaphroditic prosthetics may not match your brand’s identity, but they keep the publicity machine crankin’. From a marketing perspective, Lady G’s extravagant stunts keep us glued to her brand. What will she do next? How many people say that about your marketing videos? If they’re not talking, they ain’t buying.

Find a shiny object and use it. Distract people long enough to hook them with your unique, engaging message. Find a gimmick that matches your personality. Gimmicks only work if believable. You must be able to pull it off with ease and conviction.

YouTube is teaming with examples of stuffy companies who traded boilerplate for flaming plates. “Will it Blend” is one of the most reference examples. Social media buzz isn’t activated by the mundane. What’s the most outlandish thing your competition could do? Now, go beat them to it!

3. Go Bold with Your Story

Mystery may work for Senorita Gaga, but until you trade your Accounting degree for 10 gold records, keep it transparent. The more you reveal, the more you appeal. In our digitally fractured world, people crave connection. Tell an awesome story and the masses will want to plug in.

Every Lady Gaga stunt tells a story. No one expects you to wrestle alligators while pitching your e-book on VCR Repair. However, they do expect a real experience. Passion always trumps polish. Be real with your message, speak it loudly, capture it on video and feed it to your content hungry customers. Do so regularly and you’ll be on the fast track to Gaga-ville.

Unless you’re Gaga’s shrink, nobody knows her real intentions (hmmmm, sell music, stroke ego, self esteem issues?). Yours must be authentic. Anything else will get you un-friended, un-followed and un-poked. All turn offs for The Lady. Now, go Gaga-fy your message!

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