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Jeff MacIntyre Grabs 9th Emmy Award

Jeff MacIntyre scored two Emmy awards at the 2013 Emmy Awards in Los Angeles. He picked up trophies for Outstanding Editing and Camera for the TV documentary, "The Power of a Picture-The Napalm Girl Story".

"The Power of a Picture" explores the impact the Napalm Girl Photo had on the world. One of history's most iconic pictures, it was an honor to have Nick Ut, the Pulitzer Prize winning photographer of that shot, in the audience.

"I'm really proud of this doc. Forty years later, the story is just as powerful as when Nick's photo introduced the world to Kim Phuc in 1972," Jeff says. The biggest challenge was keeping the show visually engaging when so little archival material existed. "It's tough to do a half hour show when the star is one photograph," Jeff admits. When David Ono, the reporter and co-producer, discovered there was a TV news crew filming the napalm strike, the hunt began for that rare footage. Not only did the team find the footage, but they convinced the TV reporter to return to Vietnam--for the first time since the war--to be part of the story.

In "The Power of a Picture", meet the girl in the picture-Kim Phuc, the photographer, Nick Ut, and many others who played a role in shaping history. Four decades later, the photo refuses to rest. It's relevance just as the sobering as the day it was captured on June 8, 1972.

Winner of the 2013 Edward R. Murrow Award and two Emmys for Outstanding Editing & Camera for Jeff MacIntyre.

Produced by David Ono & Jeff MacIntyre for ABC7, Los Angeles

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