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Video Production Blog | Content Media Group Content Media Group - Award winning video production for broadcast, corporate and new media. Los Angeles based since 1990. More good - less suck! http://contentmediagroup.net/production-blog/latest Mon, 19 Feb 2018 10:08:58 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb Legacy of Heart Mountain Wins Three Emmy Awards http://contentmediagroup.net/production-blog/entry/legacy-of-heart-mountain-wins-three-emmy-awards http://contentmediagroup.net/production-blog/entry/legacy-of-heart-mountain-wins-three-emmy-awards "Witness - The Legacy of Heart Mountain" Documentary Wins Awards and Garners Four Emmy Nominations.

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Jeff MacIntyre Grabs 9th Emmy Award http://contentmediagroup.net/production-blog/entry/jeff-macintyre-grabs-9th-emmy-award http://contentmediagroup.net/production-blog/entry/jeff-macintyre-grabs-9th-emmy-award Jeff MacIntyre scored two Emmy awards at the 2013 Emmy Awards in Los Angeles. He picked up trophies for Outstanding Editing and Camera for the TV documentary, "The Power of a Picture-The Napalm Girl Story".

<a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/jeff-macintyre">jeff macintyre</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/video-production">video production</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/journalism">journalism</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/documentary">documentary</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/emmy-award">emmy award</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/napalm-girl">napalm girl</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/kim-phuc">kim phuc</a> Mon, 05 Aug 2013 00:00:00 +0000
New Media Marketing Guide-Uncorking Your Slutty Olive Oil http://contentmediagroup.net/production-blog/entry/new-media-marketing-guide http://contentmediagroup.net/production-blog/entry/new-media-marketing-guide New Media Marketing GuideThis is the New Media Marketing Guide the world has been waiting for. No need to Tweet, text or email, it's ready.

Years in the making, I present: The Guide to Passionate Disruption and World Domination. What follows is a hearty stew of New Media Education and Profanity. Reader beware...there's not as much profanity as you're hoping for. Apologies. The Management.

<a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/marketing">marketing</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/online-marketing">online marketing</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/jeff-macintyre">jeff macintyre</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/new-media">new media</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/slutty-olive-oil">slutty olive oil</a> Wed, 26 Sep 2012 00:00:00 +0000
Jeff MacIntyre Wins 7th Emmy Award! http://contentmediagroup.net/production-blog/entry/jeff-macintyre-wins-7th-emmy-award http://contentmediagroup.net/production-blog/entry/jeff-macintyre-wins-7th-emmy-award Jeff MacIntyre, Content Media Group's owner, wins his 7th Emmy Award for a documentary on the tremendous contributions of The Japanese American Soldiers of World War II.

<a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/jeff-macintyre">jeff macintyre</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/emmy-award">emmy award</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/documentary">documentary</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/video-production">video production</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/japanese-american-soldiers-of-world-war-ii">Japanese American Soldiers of World War II</a> Mon, 24 Sep 2012 00:00:00 +0000
The Napalm Girl-Producing The Power of a Picture http://contentmediagroup.net/production-blog/entry/the-napalm-girl-documentary http://contentmediagroup.net/production-blog/entry/the-napalm-girl-documentary The Napalm Girl40 years ago we met The Napalm Girl. The iconic photo woke the world up to the brutal reality of collateral damage. We traveled to Vietnam to produce The Power of a Picture for ABC7, Los Angeles. Four decades later, the photo and the girl are as powerful as ever.

<a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/jeff-macintyre">jeff macintyre</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/documentary">documentary</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/kim-phuc">kim phuc</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/napalm-girl">napalm girl</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/reporting">reporting</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/journalism">journalism</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/video-production">video production</a> Sun, 10 Jun 2012 00:00:00 +0000
The Spoofing of The Most Interesting Man in the World Commercial http://contentmediagroup.net/production-blog/entry/spoofing-the-most-interesting-man-commercial http://contentmediagroup.net/production-blog/entry/spoofing-the-most-interesting-man-commercial Dos Equis introduced you to the "Most Interesting Man in the World. Now, meet "The Laziest Sales Guy in the World". Content Media Group spoofed one of the year's best commercial campaigns by producing two comedy spots for LiveOffice. Stay lazy, my friends.

<a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/marketing">marketing</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/video-production">video production</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/post-production">post production</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/commercials">commercials</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/commercial-production">commercial production</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/most-interesting-man-in-the-world">most interesting man in the world</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/liveoffice">liveoffice</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/jeff-macintyre">jeff macintyre</a> Thu, 01 Sep 2011 00:00:00 +0000
Fundraising Videos with Happy Endings http://contentmediagroup.net/production-blog/entry/fundraising-videos-with-happy-endings http://contentmediagroup.net/production-blog/entry/fundraising-videos-with-happy-endings <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/marketing-videos">marketing videos</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/marketing">marketing</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/non-profit-video">non profit video</a> Wed, 04 May 2011 00:00:00 +0000 5 Easy Ways to Pimp Your 'About Us' Page http://contentmediagroup.net/production-blog/entry/5-easy-ways-to-pimp-your-about-us-page http://contentmediagroup.net/production-blog/entry/5-easy-ways-to-pimp-your-about-us-page Chances are, your "About Us" page sucks. One of the most overlooked pages, it can also be one of the most powerful if optimized properly. Squeeze more juice from your online marketing efforts with these 5 easy steps.

<a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/marketing-videos">marketing videos</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/web-video-production">web video production</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/video-production">video production</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/marketing">marketing</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/online-marketing">online marketing</a> Wed, 23 Feb 2011 00:00:00 +0000
Go Gaga With Your Online Marketing http://contentmediagroup.net/production-blog/entry/go-gaga-with-your-online-marketing http://contentmediagroup.net/production-blog/entry/go-gaga-with-your-online-marketing Lady Gaga is part marketing genius, part scary chick you'd find hiding in your bushes after a break up. Let's focus on the marketing part. She's got what your online marketing strategy needs!

<a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/lady-gaga">lady gaga</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/new-media">new media</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/web-video-production">web video production</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/marketing-videos">marketing videos</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/marketing">marketing</a> Tue, 15 Feb 2011 00:00:00 +0000
Marketing for the Lazy: Video Testimonials Made Easier http://contentmediagroup.net/production-blog/entry/marketing-for-the-lazy-video-testimonials-made-easier http://contentmediagroup.net/production-blog/entry/marketing-for-the-lazy-video-testimonials-made-easier video production los angeles

Creating compelling web content is a huge time suck. What small biz owner has time to plan, script, shoot and edit video for their website? Only those who understand that fresh, value-driven web video is crucial to converting browsers into buyers. To them, time spent is time invested in a valuable tool that works 24/7 to sell, market and motivate. Create it once. Reap the benefits forever. That’s ROI on 8 cans of Red Bull!

Salivating for these results, but short on time or just plain lazy? Drop your drool cup and add video testimonials to your website. New or old, Fortune 500 or “owe a fortune”, every business can immediately score with this video marketing tool. Nothing creates credibility faster than a believable testimonial. Nothing is more persuasive than a testimonial on video.

Text Bores. Video Sells.

Text-only testimonials have flat-lined. People are distrustful of random, glowing claims from “T.C. in Clearwater”. Oh, if T.C. said it, it must be true! It’s amazing how many online testimonials come from initials. Future customers connect with people like them...people with real names and real experiences. Real people. Real stories. Really work.

Outsourcing Gone Wild

What’s the easiest way to create online video testimonials? Don’t do anything. You’re too busy to chase people down with a video camera. Simply ask your paying customers to do it for you. Flattered and thrilled, they’ll jump at the opportunity! Deep in our DNA is a gene that craves status through association. Yelp.com tapped this gene to revolutionize web reviews. Wouldn’t you like to get in on that action?

Tips to Tap the Video Testimonial Juice

1. Ask Clients When They’re “High”
. After a successful sale or positive service experience, immediately ask the client to record a brief video about their experience. Waiting only waters down passion. You must catch a client when they’re in a euphoric state. Yes, your plumbing business causes euphoria. Solve a problem or reduce “pain” and the brain floods with dopamine. When people feel good, they’re more likely to say, “Yes!” Don’t miss the awesome marketing potential this drug-free high offers.

2. Story Selling. Online marketing reaps its power from value-infused stories. A great video testimonial takes the viewer on a journey. Think “Lord of the Rings” without special effects. OR consider this winning recipe for a tasty testimonial video:

1. Customer Introduction – Who and where are they?
2. Present Problem – Explain situation before discovering your business.
3. Reveal Pain Point – What would’ve happened if they didn’t find/use your product or service?
4. Outcome/Benefits – How was the problem solved? Details are great! Demonstrate product, if applicable. Think: infomercials. You got to show it to sell it.
5. Personal Recommendation – Encourage viewers to become customers. Don’t go overboard. Ingredients 2-4 will seal the deal.

3. Video Camera Not Required. Who says you need an expensive HD video camera to record customer testimonial videos? The best recording device is the one available. Cell phone cam, Flip Cam, digital still camera with video functionality, even web cams...all cool! Added bonus: Low-tech is sometimes more believable. Viewers place great trust in user-generated video. Service-based businesses should arm each team member with a video recording device. You never want to miss out on scoring video testimonial gold!

How many times have you been moved to action after seeing someone, just like you, using and benefiting from a product or service? That’s the power of social persuasion. Put it to work and see how video testimonials can transform browsers into buyers. Especially, since your customers will be doing all the work. Congratulations, you just put your video marketing campaign on auto-pilot. Take a two-hour lunch. You've earned it!

<a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/testimonial-video">testimonial video</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/marketing-videos">marketing videos</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/marketing">marketing</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/web-video-production">web video production</a> Mon, 24 Jan 2011 00:00:00 +0000
New Rule for Video Marketing: Get Naked! Videos That Bare-It-All, Win-It-All http://contentmediagroup.net/production-blog/entry/naked-marketing-videos http://contentmediagroup.net/production-blog/entry/naked-marketing-videos Today, people’s BS-Meters are fined tuned to sniff the faintest whiff of PR spin. In order to appeal, your video marketing message must reveal. Revealing, authentic communication is the key ingredient to building a loyal following and customer base. Draw the shades, dim the lights and follow these five tips to get naked with your online marketing video.

<a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/marketing-videos">marketing videos</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/promo-video">promo video</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/web-video-production">web video production</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/video-production">video production</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/marketing">marketing</a> Thu, 30 Dec 2010 00:00:00 +0000
How to Create Great Video Products http://contentmediagroup.net/production-blog/entry/how-to-create-great-video-products http://contentmediagroup.net/production-blog/entry/how-to-create-great-video-products Our appetite for online video continues to skyrocket, nearly doubling in the last three years alone! The time has never been better to create and sell an online video product. These tips will help you get started.

<a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/post-production">post production</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/video-production">video production</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/web-video-production">web video production</a> Wed, 22 Dec 2010 00:00:00 +0000
Sell It With Sizzle! Profiting from Sizzle Reel Promo Videos http://contentmediagroup.net/production-blog/entry/creating-sizzle-reel-promo-videos http://contentmediagroup.net/production-blog/entry/creating-sizzle-reel-promo-videos If you're not using sizzle reels/promo videos to market your product/business or pitch your TV show concept, you're missing out on some powerful marketing juice. Emmy Award winning producer/editor Jeff MacIntyre from Content Media Group reveals the five necessary components to any successful sizzle reel/promo video.

<a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/marketing">marketing</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/video-production">video production</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/promo-video">promo video</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/sizzle-reel">sizzle reel</a> Wed, 22 Dec 2010 00:00:00 +0000
Non-Profit Videos with Sizzle http://contentmediagroup.net/production-blog/entry/non-profit-videos-with-sizzle http://contentmediagroup.net/production-blog/entry/non-profit-videos-with-sizzle Trying to reach the “show me-don’t tell me” generation without video is marketing suicide. There is no better medium to illicit an emotional response from potential donors. Does your video sizzle?

<a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/video-production">video production</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/marketing">marketing</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/non-profit-video">non profit video</a> Wed, 22 Dec 2010 00:00:00 +0000
How To Be a Video Hustler: Anatomy of a Web Series http://contentmediagroup.net/production-blog/entry/how-to-be-a-video-hustler http://contentmediagroup.net/production-blog/entry/how-to-be-a-video-hustler

Monetizing content during the Digital Revolution is a hot topic for video professionals. “Video Hustler” is a 26 episode web-based series. The series documents the wild ride known as life for Rage, one of the hottest music video directors. It’s a great example of how to create and monetize internet-exclusive content.

<a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/web-video-production">web video production</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/video-production">video production</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/new-media">new media</a> Wed, 22 Dec 2010 00:00:00 +0000
Think Small, Win Big! Profit with Video Niches http://contentmediagroup.net/production-blog/entry/profit-with-video-niches http://contentmediagroup.net/production-blog/entry/profit-with-video-niches The quickest way for a video producer to become a Starbucks barista is to think big. Big thinking is a high risk, low yield investment. In today’s world of New Media, small thinkers are scoring big hits. Niche-targeted content is putting production companies on the fast track to profiting from the explosion of online/mobile video.

<a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/new-media">new media</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/marketing">marketing</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/video-production">video production</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/web-video-production">web video production</a> Wed, 22 Dec 2010 00:00:00 +0000
Story Selling - Facts Repel, Stories Sell http://contentmediagroup.net/production-blog/entry/story-selling-journalism http://contentmediagroup.net/production-blog/entry/story-selling-journalism Journalists of the New Media must commit to push beyond the four "W"s in their reporting.  Fact regurgitation doesn't make a good journalist. In today's congested news space, you need to hook people with powerful stories. Stories sell. Stories motivate. If you aren't telling stories in your reporting or marketing, you aren't connecting. You must connect before you can sell.

<a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/reporting">reporting</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/journalism">journalism</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/new-media">new media</a>, <a href="/production-blog/tags/tag/marketing">marketing</a> Wed, 22 Dec 2010 00:00:00 +0000