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Market Research/Ethnography Video Production | Content Media Group

Market Research/Ethnography Videos

  • Work for a market research firm
  • Conduct focus groups
  • Spearhead qualitative exploratory research
  • Engage in strategic brand consulting
  • Provide market analysis
  • Couldn't care less about this mumbo jumbo and can’t hit the “Back” button quick enough

Research Geeks Unite!

Okay, the coast is clear. It’s safe for us Research Nerds to speak in “private”. First, thanks for stopping by. This page doesn’t get many visitors. We really need to find better Ethno-themed clip art. [LOL] I thought you might like that. Like I said, the Market Research/Ethnography Video Production page gets as much traffic as the Port au Prince Barnes and Noble. Moving on…

Fact Finders Gone Wild

Obviously, you’re all about the Research. Qualitative, quantitative, exploratory…you exist on a diet rich in facts, stats and opinions. There isn’t any road you won’t travel for the truth. You’re a fearless Fact P.I. on a data-gathering mission.

Hot Fudge Facts Sundae

No one knows better than you the challenges of the Research Game. Facts alone are like a bowl of brussels sprouts. Sure, they’re good for you and your client needs them, but without the hot fudge sundae, they’re kind of boring. Look to us to provide the hot fudge sundae bar.

Instead of a fact-packed, yawn inducing PowerPoint, consider using video to bring your research to life. Spice up your findings with:

  • Motion Graphics
  • Animated Info-Graphics
  • Documentary-style Interviews
  • “Day in the Life” Ethno Videos
  • In-Car Ride Along Video

You Can Trust Us With Your Secrets

Market Research / Ethnography Videos are a specialized type of video production. Over the past two decades, some of the biggest players have trusted us with their Market Research Videos. We don’t want to brag (well, maybe a little), but some of our clients include:

  • Toyota
  • Lexus
  • Honda
  • Rolex
  • Harry Winston Jewelry

The Content Media Group Difference

We understand your needs and respect your process. The Researcher is unlike any other client. Count on us to be engaged from pre-production to delivery. We are proactive and strive to maintain a balance between high production values and research integrity. Our only goal is to make you look like a Research Rock Star (which you are).

Contact us and see how we can make facts fun!

Research Clients

  • 7th Sense Research
  • Davis Research
  • Galileo Research
  • Grieco Research
  • Harry Winston Jewelry
  • Honda
  • Ipsos
  • Lexus
  • Pacific Research
  • Rolex
  • Synovate Motoresearch
  • Toyota
  • UCLA

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