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TV News Production


Content Media Group's founder, Jeff MacIntyre, has so many vaccines coursing through his veins, when he drops a sandwich, he has the luxury of abiding by the 30 second rule. No, he's not a vaccine junkie. He's a news dude.

Jeff traveled the world for over 15 years telling powerful stories for ABC News. From Africa to the Middle East to Central America to a post-quake Haiti, he's been there and produced that. Jeff has scored 25 Emmy nominations and won 11 for his news stories. Plus, he received 4 Edward R. Murrow Awards. This is one of the highest honors in broadcast journalism.


Producing, shooting and editing broadcast news requires a unique skill set. Get a coffee and relax, your news assignment is in the hands of major market specialists at Content Media Group. At a moment's notice, we're ready to fly to wherever the story takes us. The more disease-ridden the country, the better. Let's put those vaccines to work!

News Content: Japan-One Year Later


In this ABC News special, we travel back to Japan for the one year anniversary of the devastating tsunami. Entire cities were wiped off the map. The destruction is jaw-dropping and the stories are just as powerful as the wave. In this segment, meet Masako. She and her aunt barely escaped the wave in Kesennuma. Her story of survival is amazing!

Originally aired on ABC7, Los Angeles.
Reporter/Producer-David Ono | Producer/Camera/Editor-Jeff MacIntyre

Broadcast News | Defined

Broadcast News is a type of jounalism that is transmitted electronically to the masses. News stories (aka "packages") are an edited set of video clips for a story and is common on television. It is narrated typically by a reporter. It is a story with audio, video, graphics and video effects.